Q1: How to choose the VFD(Variable Frequency Drive) to match the spindle motor?

A: Two key factors of VFD(Variable Frequency Drive) should be considered when you choosing VFD to match spindle motor:
1. Power: Choose equal or higher power than spindle motor.
2. Voltage: Make sure the input voltage of VFD and spindle motor are same. Different voltage will cause not working or damage the VFD or spindle motor.

Q2: How to calculate the speed according to frequency(PPS)?

A: Simply, we have provided a formula: v=f/n
v: motor speed(rps)
f: frequency(pps)
n: number of micro step, you can find it on stepper driver.
eg. When stepper motor driver receiving frequency 4000pps from controller, and mirco step setting on the driver is: 2000, the speed of motor is: v=4000/2000=20rps=1200rpm

Q3: What is the maximum speed (highest frequency) of the motor?         

A: Normally, we don’t ask stepper motor’s highest frequency, we think the question should be stepper motor’s maximum speed. 
Because it’s meaningless to discuss the highest frequency without regard to driver’s subdivision.
Below table are our motor’s Max. speed and recommend working speed for each size of motors:

Q4: What is the signal current of the closed-loop driver? Does the closed-loop driver have a position error alarm output? Does the closed-loop driver have pulse compensation  

A:Normally, the signal current is about 10mA.Yes, closed-loop stepper driver has position error alarm output, you can set the value on debug software.Yes, it has pulse compensation function, but the compensation is limited.

Q5: Does the driver CL57T can be controlled through RS232 cable?

A: Firstly, CL57T is stepper driver, not a controller. As a stepper driver, it don’t have any controlling function.
Secondly, for debugging purpose, this driver can be debugged through RS232, you can modify below specification through RS232 cable:
a. Peak Current
b. Closed-loop holding current percentage
c. Position tracking error
Finally, to control the stepper motor, you will need a controller, and you can find the supported communication protocols at controller’s manual.

Q6: How was the motor's life time?

A: The key factor effect motor’s life time is two bearings inside the motor. Normally, the standard bearing’s life time is about 6,000 hours long time continuous working.
Some time, you might need longer life time? We can use better bearings to reach different life time, please contact our technical team for more details about your requirements.

Q7: I already have motor, can I buy brake and attach on motor?

A: Add a brake on the motor will need two conditions:
1.Motor need a rear shaft with specified shaft(Diameter, Length and D-cut).
2.There are two or three screw holes on motor rear endcap to mount brake.
Please contact our technical support before your purchase it.

Q8: Can I attach a gearbox on closed loop stepper motor?

A: There are two possibilities:
1.You have standard gearbox.
Yes, just make sure the motor size and shaft can match your gearbox.
2.You don’t have standard gearbox, and you want use our existing gearbox. 
Yes, we can custom geared closed-loop stepper motor for you. As our gearbox is not standard one, we should custom made the motor shaft to match the gearbox. Usually, the MOQ is 5pcs, and lead time is about 20 days. Please contact our customer service to request the quotation.

Q9: What parameters need to be debugged for the debug software of the closed-loop driver?

A: For closed-loop driver, below parameters can be debugged:Please note, to connect the driver and computer. Please check the version of the drive and select the corresponding connecting cable.

Q10: How to choose a stepper driver for my stepper motor?

A: 1.Usually, the stepper drivers matching the motors are listed on related products column, which is placed on the right side of the website.Regarding open-loop stepper motor, it is fine to select the driver as long as the motor rated current is at the adjustable range of driver.As for closed-loop stepper motor, there are a few driver models available and they can be chosen easily on our store.In addition, there some several series drivers with same function are supplied for different applications and requirements. There are T series, Y series, N series and S series available. You can refer to this page for more details about their differences:  What the differences between HE HS HP motors?

Q11: My motor has much of vibration, what's the problem?

A: Please follow below steps to troubleshoot the problem:

1)Please confirm if the current of pulse signal by the controller is enough. Normally, the current should be over 10mA in order to make the optocoupler work steadily and signal transfer normally.

2)Please check if the frequency generated from the controller is too high to make the driver receive the signal.

3)Please confirm whether the starting frequency is too high or it has been set the acceleration process even though the acceleration time is very short; Otherwise, it may cause the motor operating unsteadily.

4)Please check if the motor is fix well. If not, it will result in the motor resonance heavily and then the motor loosing steps.

5)Please confirm if the connection of motor A、B wires is correct. Don’t forget the phase and ensure the connection to driver in good status.

6)Please confirm if the driving voltage is normal. It had better choose the typical, not over voltage or low voltage, which can avoid the shake when unloading.

7)Each motor has an resonance region at low speed, please ensure the motor doesn’t work at the resonance zone.

Q12: Does your stepper driver accept 3.3V signal voltage for Arduino and Raspberry Pi?

A: Our answer is yes. We have tested all of drivers in our company, and the results are ok. But we are still not recommended it, because the main components’ supplier declare the working voltage is 4.5~5V.

Q13: What’s the advantage of integrated stepper motor?

A: Integrated Motor is meaning a stepper motor integrated a stepper driver, sometime Integrated an encoder also. There are much of advantage of integrated motor when comparing with motor & driver are separately, but separated motor and driver have their advantage too.


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