Z axis Stepper motors not working correctly


Z axis Stepper motors not working correctly

Bob-the-Kun: Problem does not follow the driver. Problem does not follow the steppers.

I'm thinking that the Z socket has a problem. Sounds like an open/poor contact.

Try bending the DIRECTION lead on the Z driver a little and see if the problem disappears. It's one of the corner pins. Sometimes it's called DIR. If your driver's pins aren't labeled then bend all four corner pins a little.

Another option is to move the Z function to the E1 socket. Replace your pins_RAMPS.h file with this one. pins_RAMPS.zip

FYI - if this really is a hardware problem then it's the second RAMPS hardware problem within a week. Most unusual.

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Yes the socket I am now assuming is just broken (not sure what exactly but possibly one of the connections), After using for pins_RAMPS file and changed the motors back to series and connected to the E1 slot I successful got the printer to work!!! Thank you very much Z axis is working as I would expect! I am now calibrating the printer as it definitely needs it.

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