Why are servo Nema 34 stepper motor high torque used in robots?


Why are servo Nema 34 stepper motor high torque used in robots?

“why is servomotor used in robotics?”

The answer to this questions lies in “what is servomotor?”. Servomotors are the motors used for specific application where we need a desired mechanical motion as per command signal.

For instance, let’s just talk about “The Automatic Solar Panel”. Solar panel ( & the other components ) generates electricity by absorbing energy from sunlight. The higher the energy received, the more electricity would generate. But the position of the sun is not fixed and therefore energy received is not constant (assuming our panel to be an immovable piece of silicon lurking somewhere in the fields). Moreover we engineers have this obsession of maximizing everything (lol!) that we aren’t happy with this irregular and less efficient supply of energy. So any engineer would instinctively think of a “smart solar panel”(as we are doing with every piece of hardware these days) which would be able to turn itself in such a way so that it always receives the maximum amount of sunlight. Now we need something which would turn our panel as per commanded by our software calculations (to receive maximum energy of course!). For this need, any engineer would think of using a motor but the real question would be “Can we use any motor or we need a special design?”and the answer would be “yes!! we can use a motor for sure but with some constructional changes”.

The changes in the motor would be done to improve its transient performance as the usual motors are designed keeping their steady state performance and efficiency in mind. This new type of motor will move as per commanded and hence we can say that such a motor is a slave and thereby getting its name “SERVO” motor.

Now coming to the original question, Robotics (assuming you already know what robotics is) involves a huge number of such applications where very precise movements are required like the movement of limbs, head etc. and anyone (without a second thought) would use servomotors.

If you are still left with any doubt then feel free to ask me.

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