When does it make sense to use a specific type of stepper motor?

When does it make sense to use a specific type of stepper motor?  
When does it make sense to use a specific type of stepper motor? It depends on your application.  
High torque 2-phase stepper motors that deliver high torque at low speeds are suitable for applications such as indexing operations over short distances that require high acceleration and deceleration rates.  Stop accuracy of stepper motors is +/-3 arc min or (+/-0.05°).  The small error does not accumulate from step to step.
High torque 5-phase stepper motors with an improved high speed winding design are suitable for applications that require fast reciprocating motions.  Vibration is considerably lower than 2-phae stepper motors, and Oriental Motor's dedicated microstepping drivers do not affect the stop accuracy of 5-phase motors.
Since the basic step angle is small at 0.72° (0.36° for high-resolution type), the vibration and noise are lower than 2-phase stepper motors with a basic step angle of 1.8°. 
geared type stepper motor can rotate much higher inertial loads because of its ability to generate high torque and reduce the inertia ratio between the load and the motor.  Larger inertia ratios can cause overshooting and undershooting during starting and stopping, which can add missed steps or increase settling time.  Our spur gears offers improved torque and backlash characteristics.  Many more gear types are available for low or no backlash, such as planetary and harmonic gears.
For space-saving machine designs, a geared type motor can drive heavier loads while keeping the motor frame size compact.
An electromagnetic brake type stepper motor offers a built-in power-off-activated electromagnetic brake which provides frictional torque for holding a load in place vertically.  When power is accidentally cut off due to a blackout or other unexpected events, the electromagnetic brake holds the load in position to prevent it from dropping or moving.  With an electromagnetic brake, the motor current can also be turned off at standstill to suppress heat or lower power consumption.

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