What Size of Stepper Motor for 3D printer

Size of Motor
You have a wide range of sizes for stepper motors but many can definitely be too strong for a simple 3D printer, which doesn’t require too much performance.

For 3D printers, we generally go for the NEMA 17 (faceplate dimensions 1.7 by 1.7 inches) because they are large enough to get the job done.

You would usually use larger NEMA motors in products that require industrial applications or CNC machines. Do keep in mind that NEMA simply describes the size of the motor and not it’s other characteristics. Also two NEMA 17 motors could be very different and are not necessarily interchangeable.
3D printer stepper motor
Step Count
The step count is what gives us the precision that we need in terms of movement or positioning resolution. We call it the number of steps per revolution and it can range anywhere from 4 to 400 steps with the common steps counts being 24, 48 and 200. 200 steps per revolution translates to 1.8 degrees per step

For you to get a high resolution, you will have to sacrifice speed and torque. Basically, a high step count motor will have lower RPMs than another motor of a lower step count of comparable size.

If you need higher step rates to turn the motors efficiently, it will require more power so the torque comes in lower and vice versa. So if you want great precision of movement, you will need high step counts therefore reducing the amount of torque you have.

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