What are the downsides of high stepper current OR power?


What are the downsides of high stepper current OR power?

There is a downside.

If the current is too high, you lose the linearity of micro-stepping. If the highest current exceeds the maximum, then the highest current micro-stepping positions will collapse on each other.

If you are within the specs of the motors, there are no motor-related problems caused by higher currents.

But other problems can be caused by increasing the current. The current must be within the capacity of the motor drivers and their heat sink. If the drivers overheat, many will simply shut off, causing the motors to not move when they should, which will appear as misalignment on X, Y, or Y.

Another problem could be higher vibration, which would show as stronger ringing when going around corners. The higher current will give higher torque and higher acceleration, which will cause more vibration.

If you are increasing the current to support a bigger and heavier print bed, you will possibly have other troubles. Although the higher torque will be countered by the higher bed mass, the higher bed mass may be coupled with longer belts, which will be more stretchy. You may also be imposing forces over longer frame components, which may cause them to flex more.

Cloudray Stepper Motor Series has set the standard for quality, reliability, and durability in stepping motors. The precision of our Torque Power motors is matched only by the dependability of their performance. All Torque Power motors are bi-directional and totally enclosed with permanently lubricated ball bearings for long-lasting, smooth operation.

High Torque, High Precision and Long life is Cloudray's core advantage


Low vibration,Low heating, No loss of step
Fast Response,Better Acceleration Performance
Thanks to a robust design they can be selected for the harshest environments. Precise, open-loop, speed and position control can be achieved with the application of full step, half step, or microstepping electronics.

Higher Resolution,Avoidance of Resonance Regions
Stepping angle is adjustable( rang in 18°±5%), 0.9 °stepper motor's stepping angle is smaller, fineness is higher and positioning is more accurate.Avoiding vibration,runs more smoothly and gets lower noise.

Sturdy structure, extremely long life
High quality materials including bearings and shaft made in Japan
Robust assembly, high speed range, and exceptional performance in even the harshest environments make Cloudray Stepper Motors the perfect solution for demanding positioning applications.

Short length and light weight allow them to be used in highly integrated systems

Cloudray stepper motor factory video
Stepper motor application
Cloudray stepper motor and Stepping Motor Driver are widely used in engraving machine, cutting plotter, textile machine, 3D printer, medical devices,stage lighting equipment, robot, CNC machine, music fountain and other industrial automatic equipment.

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