What Are The Differences Between Laser Engraving Servo Motors And Stepper Motors?


What Are The Differences Between Laser Engraving Servo Motors And Stepper Motors?

There are two main types of motors used in laser engraving machines. One is laser cutting machine servo motor and the other is stepping motor. The two types of motor equipment have their own characteristics and are widely used in modern times. So, what are the differences between the laser engraving machine servo motor and the stepper motor?

1, the control precision is different, the control precision of the servo motor is higher than that of the stepper motor.

2, the low-frequency characteristics are different. The low-frequency operation stability of the stepping motor is lower than that of the servo motor in low-speed machining, and the servo motor AC power is more stable.

3, in terms of overload capability, AC servo motors have a strong overload capability, while stepper motors generally do not have overload capability.

4. (Stepper motor output speed is much lower than servo motor, stepper motor speed is unstable, floating between 300 and 600RPM, the servo motor is constant force output, 2000 or 3000RPM, .) Stepper motor output torque with speed It rises and falls, and it drops sharply at higher speeds, causing its operation to be unstable, so its maximum working speed is generally 300-600RPM. The AC servo motor is a constant torque output, that is, it can output the rated torque within its rated speed (generally 2000RPM or 3000RPM), and it is a constant power output above the rated speed.

5. The running performance is different (the servo motor does not have the phenomenon of lost or overshoot, and the stability is high). The internal position loop and speed loop are formed. Generally, there is no loss or overshoot of the stepping motor, and the control performance is more. To be reliable.

6, different speed response performance (high acceleration start performance)

It takes 200 to 400 milliseconds for the stepper motor to accelerate from standstill to the operating speed (typically several hundred revolutions per minute). The AC servo system has better acceleration performance, and it takes only a few milliseconds to accelerate from standstill to its rated speed of 3000 RPM, which can be used in control situations requiring fast start and stop.

7, control accuracy

In the case of low speed (generally 600 rpm), the accuracy of the stepping motor is as high as that of the servo motor. In the case of high speed (generally 1200 rpm), the stepping motor will lose the step due to the decrease of its own characteristic torque, so the accuracy is not high. In the case of relatively low speed, the servo is used at high speed.

8, control mode: stepper motor is open-loop control, no feedback, so the control is simple, only need to be equipped with a driver, control part of the pulse; servo motor control is relatively more complicated.

9, the price: stepping cheap, the servo is expensive

The most important point: the stepping can be done in real time, where the pulse is sent, and the motor runs there. Controlling solar energy is also a tracking system. So with stepping

In summary, the servo motor system is much better than the stepping device, the performance is superior, and the stepping motor can be easily completed under the condition that the equipment requirements are not high, which requires our buyers to integrate at the time of purchase. Consider your own industry and products, and choose which motor to use.


Cloudray Stepper Motor Series has set the standard for quality, reliability, and durability in stepping motors. The precision of our Torque Power motors is matched only by the dependability of their performance. All Torque Power motors are bi-directional and totally enclosed with permanently lubricated ball bearings for long-lasting, smooth operation.
4 Axis Nema 34 Stepper Motor

High Torque, High Precision and Long life is Cloudray's core advantage


Low vibration,Low heating, No loss of step
Fast Response,Better Acceleration Performance
Thanks to a robust design they can be selected for the harshest environments. Precise, open-loop, speed and position control can be achieved with the application of full step, half step, or microstepping electronics.
4 Axis Nema 34 Stepper Motor
Higher Resolution,Avoidance of Resonance Regions
Stepping angle is adjustable( rang in 18°±5%), 0.9 °stepper motor's stepping angle is smaller, fineness is higher and positioning is more accurate.Avoiding vibration,runs more smoothly and gets lower noise.
4 Axis Nema 34 Stepper Motor
Sturdy structure, extremely long life
High quality materials including bearings and shaft made in Japan
Robust assembly, high speed range, and exceptional performance in even the harshest environments make Cloudray Stepper Motors the perfect solution for demanding positioning applications.
4 Axis Nema 34 Stepper Motor

Short length and light weight allow them to be used in highly integrated systems

4 Axis Nema 34 Stepper Motor
4 Axis Nema 34 Stepper Motor
4 Axis Nema 34 Stepper Motor
4 Axis Nema 34 Stepper Motor
Stepper motor application
Cloudray stepper motor and Stepping Motor Driver are widely used in engraving machine, cutting plotter, textile machine, 3D printer, medical devices,stage lighting equipment, robot, CNC machine, music fountain and other industrial automatic equipment.
4 Axis Nema 34 Stepper Motor
4 Axis Nema 34 Stepper Motor
4 Axis Nema 34 Stepper Motor

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