• stepper motor nema 34 Change X/Y-Stepper on UM3ext

    When the stepper "motors" make a clicking sound, this tell us that the stepper stalls and cannot do it's next step! There is two reasons for this, too high friction in your gantry system, or too lo current setting for your stepper motor driver circuit!  Thees stepper motors is one of the best "electric mechanic" device ever made, they just go on and go...
  • How steppers work and how to adjust their drivers

    Hello everyone, i’m Tom and today we’re going to do some tuning. Particularly, of the stepper drivers. But instead of showing you some magical procedures that work for some mystical reason, i’ll also try to explain why and how those things work.
  • stepper motor for cnc UM S5 stepper motor temperature

    Touching something hot with your finger is very subjective.- The stepper motors have thermal power. It's the same in summer, of course. Only the resulting temperature at the stepper motors is higher.- In summer, you are more sensitive to damp skin.
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