• Is the stepper motor a DC motor?

    It would have to be considered an AC motor, because the voltages on the windings are sequenced between windings and both plus and minus to get it to turn.
  • What is a stepper motor, and what does it do?

    A stepper motor is a motor driven sequential switching mechanism. They are/were commonly used in appliances such as electric clothes washers. The motor drives a switching mechanism that sequences things like filling the washer with water then starting the drum motor to wash then spin the water out then refill with water and so on.
  • What are some applications of stepper motors?

    CD, DVD, and Blueray drives do not AND NEVER DID use stepper motors, as the SINGLE TRACK on their discs is a very long spiral and does not have a “fixed distance” between tracks. Those type drives have ALWAYS been a servo design as a result and a requirement of their desig
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