• Is a 28BYJ-48 stepper motor good for a CNC application?

    These stepper motors are ideal to be used in small-scale CNC plotters and laser engravers, as far as milling machines are concerned, larger stepper motors should be used. Reasons:
  • What is a CNC stepper motor?

    CNC stepper motor means stepper motor suitable for CNC machine, if you are going to make a CNC machine, you will also need a stepper driver, I used this stepper driver to build a ceramic extrusion 3-D printer, it works well.
  • What is a stepper motor, and what does it do?

    A stepper motor is a motor driven sequential switching mechanism. They are/were commonly used in appliances such as electric clothes washers. The motor drives a switching mechanism that sequences things like filling the washer with water then starting the drum motor to wash then spin the water out then refill with water and so on.
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