• Spindle DC motor for Circuit etching CNC machine

    There are several sources of PCB "etching" bits. They tend to be single straight flutes and high angle, very pointy bits. For the motor, high speed is good. Look for 30k+ RPM. The main thing to be concerned about is the amount of runout, or wobble in the tip. With a tiny tip, you can't afford much runout at all. It will broaden the...
  • How do 17 stepper motor for CNC machines measure so accurately?

    CNC machines get their accuracy from 4 things.First there is the feedback (measurement) mechanism. A device called an encoder reads the position of the axis in one of 2 ways. On most machines the encoder measures the rotary position of the ball screw that drives that axis. The downside of using a rotary encoder is that it can not take into account the backlash...
  • What is open loop and close loop positioning system in CNC machine?

    In simple terms an open loop system will send a command to the stepper motor (and the axis it is connected to) to move a precise distance and the system has no way of knowing if the motor actually moved or if the correct axis moved the desired distance. In an open loop system is is very possible for the CNC machine to “loose”...
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