• What is resolution of stepper motor?

    Unlike other motors, Stepper motor have discrete positions at which it can stop. Angle between two adjacent positions is called resolution of stepper motor . That means, it is the smallest angle a stepper can move while rotating.For example, a Stepper with 200 steps per revolution has
  • What is a stepper motor?

    Stepper motor is basically a vital part of a machine which is able to divide its rotation into an equal number of reference points. It is often found in devices like 3D printers, old floppy disks, ultra high vacuum systems, and many more. When used in UHV systems, stepper motors are crafted durably that it can withstand radiation exposure and high temperature. On the...
  • How do we select the right stepper motor?

    If you are selecting a stepper motor then maybe you following​ this considerations.Torque Requirement.Step Angle/Phase Angle.Shaft diameter.Motor dimensions, weight, size and motor mounting clamps.Cost.Stepper Motor driver.This all parameters are basic for selecting stepper motor.In local market you see name like NEMA 17, NEMA 23, etc… This kind of stepper motor used in 3D printers and Mini CNC engraving machines.
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