Stepper Motor Trouble shoot?


Stepper Motor Trouble shoot?


Hi, So I am running a rostock style 3d printer from Geeetech with stepper motors and belts. It would appear the one of my motors has died and I don’t know why. I have been looking online for troubleshooting options but have had trouble finding anything for exactly what I have. Just wondering if anyone has any tips.

The motor is a 1.8 degree motor and when it is hooked up it simply doesn’t respond to any commands. I took it off the printer and it felt stiff or maybe jammed, so I did the logical thing… I took it apart. Nothing on the inside appeared to be wrong or amiss but I have never seen the inside of a working motor so I don’t really have a basis. I put it back together and it seams to no longer be jammed or stiff but it still isn’t responding to any commands.

I am assuming there is something wrong so that it is no longer receiving a signal since it works based on pulses of voltage and a magnet unless there was no voltage or it was jammed there doesn’t seem to be any other reason it wouldn’t be working. So I checked and reuploaded my code that the arduino is running on and still no response. I think either my motor or my cable is dead.

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