Stepper Motor Control with Joystick Extruder Controller


Stepper Motor Control with Joystick Extruder Controller

we performed the control of the stepper motor in the forward and backward directions along the x axis with the joystick


1.Hello cihankarahasan
Just tried your project, was looking for a system to move the stepper to which ever position I needed, worked first time. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. 

2.I seem to be having problems. When the joystick is not being touched at all the motor will rotate counter clockwise. The only way to change how its moving is to push the joystick the opposite way. I am new to Arduino and cannot find out how to fix the code for this

3.i am also getting this issue.

Not touching the joystick and it will turn clockwise untill i hold the stick in the opposite direction slightly. Other times it does not stop turning no matter what i do. I don't see anything in the code to cause this.

I was wondering if there was a solution for this.


After spending a few min testing and problem solving i found a solution to the auto turning with no joystick input.

I changed these 2 lines "if(x<500)" and "else if(x > 500 && x < 550)" to
"if(x<475)" and "else if(x > 475 && x < 550)"

It seems my thumb stick was not sitting exactly between 500 and 550. Changing these values resolved my auto turning issue.

Thank you for the great project and detailed video.

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