Nema 23 Stepper CNC Motor 3D Printer Stepper Motors


Nema 23 Stepper CNC Motor 3D Printer Stepper Motors 

Can you make an ar15 at home using CNC mills and 3d printers?

If you have a CNC mill, you can certainly make the upper and lower receivers out of aluminum billet (or even certain forms of plastic for the lower). There are CAD files available on the web.

AR15 Upper receiver

However, you mention only buying the barrel. IMO, you’ll have to buy many other parts beyond just the barrel. Machining the grade of steel needed for the firing pin, bolt, bolt carrier and trigger group parts will be much, much more difficult and those also need heat treating.

Then of course you’ll need a number of springs for the trigger, hammer and buffer and there are many small pins, detents and controls to deal with.

So yes, machining the various aluminum parts in a home CNC mill is probably fairly easy given available CAD files and a mill big enough to accommodate the part. The steel parts are a bigger deal.

You might want to google “AK47 shovel” and you’ll find what someone went through to build a semi-auto AK completely at home (including barrel).


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