NEMA 17 stepper motor for my 3D printer


NEMA 17 stepper motor for my 3D printer


What driver is used to control 4 NEMA 17 stepper motor for my 3D printer, and which drive system is better suited?

Depends what you’re needing out of it.

Allegro A4988 are standard for NEMA17s.

DRV8825 are also used sometimes but they’re meant for higher power motors.

Silent stepsticks are nice and advanced but based on your question I take it you’re a beginner and you just want the A4988.

As for drive system, do you mean morherboard or mechanical arrangement of the axes and motors therein?

Motherboard, maaaany to choose from. For a basic machine you’ll find the GT2560 is nice and straightforward. For maximum adaptability and peripherals you can’t beat the good old RAMPS1.4.

As for mechanical, H-bot setup is pretty robust. CoreXY is even better but is somewhat more tricky to deal with at times.

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