NEMA 17 3D Printers stepper motor


NEMA 17 3D Printers stepper motor

Which NEMA size is suitable for a 3D printer for a stepper motor?

Most desktop machines use nema 17 they are cheap and readily available and for something that can fit on your desk plenty accurate and powerful enough.

Generally aim for 40–48mm length motors with low inductance for x, y and z. Extruders if geared can be driven from 20mm pancake stepper. If you have suitable controllers aim for 0.9 degree rather than 1.8 it's natively higher resolution but takes more processor time to generate the step pulses especially for high speed moves.

I had a kossel Xl machine capable of printing 30cm x 30 cm circular XY and 470mm in z. It could move at 1.6m/s using nema 17s. It could also print a 1/5 scale benchy. You can't go faster than that and achieve anything except destroy the machine.

Moving up to nema 23 increases the costs dramatically and is only necessary for bigger heavier machines than typical desktop 3d printers.

Cloudray Stepper Motor Operation Video


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