How to Select Stepper Motors and Drivers for Your CNC Router


How to Select Stepper Motors and Drivers for Your CNC Router



1. We need to know the torque for your production load. To get the load torque, we can add a lever on the bearing axle and pull the lever with a spring scale. The pulling force (F) multiplied by the arm length (L) is the load torque. Or calculate it according to the load features. 

  1. We need to know the maximum rpm of stepping motor. The RPM is very important for the selection of stepper motor. The characteristic of stepping motor is that the torque decreases with the increase of motor rpm. The decline is related to many parameters. The general rule is: the higher the driving voltage is, the slower the torque drops; the greater the phase current of the motor is, the slower the torque drops.


  1. According to the maximum load torque and the maximum speed rpm, and then refer to the "moment frequency characteristics", we can choose a suitable step motor for our machine now.


  1. We have to consider a certain (such as thirty percent) torque margin and speed margin.


  1. It is better to choose hybrid stepper motor because it is superior to the reactive stepper motor on performance.


  1. It is better to select the subdivision stepping driver, and make the driver work in the subdivision state.


  1. Please do not only look at the motor torque, we need also take motor speed into our consideration when do select.


  1. If we want the motor speed faster, we need to select a driver with higher drive voltage. 

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