How do 17 stepper motor for CNC machines measure so accurately?

How do 17 stepper motor for CNC machines measure so accurately?
CNC machines get their accuracy from 4 things.

First there is the feedback (measurement) mechanism. A device called an encoder reads the position of the axis in one of 2 ways. On most machines the encoder measures the rotary position of the ball screw that drives that axis. The downside of using a rotary encoder is that it can not take into account the backlash in the nut/screw combination. Machines that need to be more accurate use linear encoders on each axis to measure the absolute position of the axis.

The second part of CNC accuracy has to do with the mechanical guiding of each axis. Each axis needs to be stiff, perfectly linear, and perpendicular to the other axis. Modern recirculating ball slides have played a large role in guiding the axis accurately. Older, and larger machines are guided by ways - sliding flat surfaces lubricated with oil. These can be very accurate and carry huge loads, but they have the downside that they must be maintained by highly trained millwrights who know how to keep the sliding flat parts fitting perfectly.

The third piece of the accuracy puzzle is calibration or mapping. Each axis of the machine can be very carefully measured with special equipment. The measurements are then used by the controller in the machine to correct for any mechanical deviations.

Finally, if you want to really hold a tight tolerance, you keep the machine at a steady temperature and humidity. Some machines are run for hours just to get them up to operating temperature before any machining starts.
Cloudray Stepper Motor Series has set the standard for quality, reliability, and durability in stepping motors. The precision of our Torque Power motors is matched only by the dependability of their performance. All Torque Power motors are bi-directional and totally enclosed with permanently lubricated ball bearings for long-lasting, smooth operation.

High Torque, High Precision and Long life is Cloudray's core advantages


                       Low vibration,Low heating, No loss of stepFast Response,
                                   Better Acceleration Performance.
   Thanks to a robust design they can be selected for the harshest environments. Precise, open-loop, speed and position control can be achieved with the application of full step, half step, or microstepping electronics.
                 Higher Resolution,Avoidance of Resonance Regions
Stepping angle is adjustable( rang in 18°±5%), 0.9 °stepper motor's stepping angle is smaller, fineness is higher and positioning is more accurate.Avoiding vibration,runs more smoothly and gets lower noise.

                            Sturdy structure, extremely long life
      High quality materials including bearings and shaft made in Japan
Robust assembly, high speed range, and exceptional performance in even the harshest environments make Cloudray Stepper Motors the perfect solution for demanding positioning applications.
Short length and light weight allow them to be used in highly integrated systems.


 Cloudray stepper motor factory video

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