Do printers use step motors? 2 Phase Bipolar NEMA 17 3D Printer Stepper Motors


Do printers use step motors? 2 Phase Bipolar NEMA 17 3D Printer Stepper Motors 

I'm playing around on freecycle, and a lot of people are giving away old printers. Do printers use step motors? My guess is yes! From previous conversations here, I know that scanners do as well.


2.Absolutely.  Every printer I've ever dissected has a stepper motor in it for the platen roller or paper feed control and print head motion. You "might" find a plain DC motor in some cases... but those can be useful too.  

3.Typical semi-modern HP ink-jet printers use a DC motor for moving the print head left-right and a stepper motor for moving the paper.  Some types have another stepper to operate the printhead parking and capping mechanism.

4.I have taken apat lots of printers from the local recycling station.

They all have either 2 steppermotors or one stepper and a DC motor.

Some have an extra small DC motor for selecting paper from an extra paper "bin"

Scanners and faxmachines also have steppers.

Some printers have built in power supplies that are totally enclosed, they usually have serveral different voltages on the secondary side,  one of these voltages is usually the one the stepper motor runs from, so it's a good idea to keep it ! But only mess with them if you are absolutely sure what you do, and only the ones that are enclosed!!!

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