Can stepper motors run continuously?


Can stepper motors run continuously?

If by “run” you mean rotating, then yes. But that’s true generally for all motors, they are designed to do that.

What most motors can’t do is to stop while under power. Try to hold down the shaft of a DC or AC motor while it’s still connected to the power supply - it will likely break (burn).

Stepper motors, on the other hand, are usually designed to survive even that. Their job is to make a discrete (ie. fix angle) step and then stay there; step again, stay there, etc.

If you make it stay in one position for very small time before stepping again, then it will seem to be continuously rotating. (By the way, their design is essentially the same as an AC synchronous motor, just driven by square wave instead of sine, though something resembling a sine is also sometimes used with steppers for a more smooth running.)

Stepper motors will have a higher current/power consumption and dissipation when stopped and if designed poorly it may overheat in time. For this reason the current of the motor is often decreased (eg. by PWM) when it is in a holding position for longer time.

(The reason is that when a motor’s rotating, part of its input electrical power is converted to mechanical power (rotation). When it’s stopped, all input power is converted to heat on the coils inside.)

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