Stepper Motor for CNC Machine or 3D Printer


Stepper Motor for CNC Machine or 3D Printer

Why do stepper motors skip steps, and how do you avoid it?

There are 3 main reason for a stepper motor to skip (loose) steps:

  1. the motor have not enough power to drive the forces applayed to his axle. Change the motor or drive current or microstep or decrease the force to drive
  2. the drive signal applayed to the motor are not well shaped or have time distance between each other variable. When you have to start or stop a stepper motor, it’s mandatory to make a good acceleration and deceleration ramp. In stationary speed, the step signal must be as stable as possibile in frequency. Changing in frequecy means like many small but very fast acceleration and deceleration, and can cause step loose or stall of the motor. Check also the driver quality, many problem came from poor quality driver.
  3. the frequency of the step signal, related to the force applayed on motor axle, are near to the limit of the motor itself, the motor is running too fast or too slow. Change the speed motor or decrease the force on its axle. Check on the motor diagram rpm vs output force a valid region to operate the motor.

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